Hour in google calendar intigration

I have integrated monday.com with my google calendar.
I need to see my items assigned to a specific hour in my calendar not all day. How can i do that? I tried adding the hour column but it is not synced.

Hi @rula114 , try checking out this article. It does gives you an option to map start and end times while creating the recipe(automation). If you’ve set those columns up correctly, you should be able to see the hours as well.

Let me know if it works for you.

Hi Zaki, thank you for your reply. I’ve added the hour column to my board twice once as start time and once as end time. but in the automation under “start time” and “end time” I only see the date column.

Hi there @rula114 , See attached below.

Basically the date column takes in time entry as well.
So all you need to do is the define 2 date type columns, “Start time”, “End time” and map start and end times to those columns. You should be able to get it right.

Let me know if you have any questions.