Calendar integration and use for scheduling meetings

I am trying to set up and use a Calendar in MDC so that the scheduling team can quickly look at this group calendar and see what days/times everyone or certain individuals are free to take a call.

I have the Google calendar integrated already but the issue is this:
When you create an event in Google Calendar, it pulls that event into the board and populates the calendar. However, it only does it in 30 min segments and not for the actual length of the meeting. To go even further, it take the START time and blocks 30 minutes then it takes the END time and blocks 30 minutes. So if you have a meeting from 12p-12:30p, the integration places a calendar from from 12 to 12:30 as the START then 12:30-1 as the END.

Now you could say, “just use the START time”. But what if the meeting is an hour long? By default, you can ONLY choose 1 time blocking segment in 30 min increments. So that 1 hour meeting will show up as a 30 min meeting. This obviously doesn’t work. And what if the meeting is only 15 min?

I’m asking the devs to please create the integration to take the meeting time from Google and just show that on the MDC board/calendar and forget setting the time blocks in 30 min increments. Google already designates the length (start and end) of the meeting you booked. Just take that info and plug it directly into your MDC calendar.

Please and thank you!