How can I move an item to another item's sub-items?

I have 2 similar items. I want to make one a sub-item of the other so I don’t lose track of the updates. I have tried to drag and drop, but it doesn’t seem to work.


While Subitems are out of Beta, they still have features that are in progress and planned for future release. Take a look at the roadmap for more details: Subitems Product Plan

What you are describing is “Convert items to subitems and vice versa” which is showing Q1 2021 so it could be dropping very soon. But obviously keep mind that is an “Anticipated” date so not a guarantee by any means. I would definitely expect to see this feature by mid year at the latest.

In the meantime, the only current workaround would be to look into Zapier or Integromat. Both are supported, low-code, 3rd party integration options that could handle this.

Hope this helps!


I didn’t think you could create Subitems with Zapier yet. Am I wrong? Is this currently supported?

I don’t use Zapier but I know someone on here who was creating Subitems through Integromat even before Monday released the ability to create them with built in automations.

@JCorrell Would be able to help you further.

I don’t know Zapier either… tried it once and quickly gave up on it.

From the API documentation (Create subitem section):

Subitems are technically created under a different board, which is NOT the same board as parent item’s board. You can query the identifier of this board through the regular Board resolver of the subitem. Using this board ID and subitem ID you can apply any actions to the subitem as to a regular item, f.e. archive it, delete, change column_values, etc.

However, to the best of my knowledge, currently the only way to move an item to another board is through the gui screen or this automation:

And neither of these with allow movement/change of a subitem to a standard item or vice versa.

With regard to Integromat (what I use), not all of the API operations are directly implemented. But, you can call any of the APIs using an http call. Maybe you can do this in Zapier also?

So, with all that as preface, and assuming, for now, that you don’t need to copy files or updates the only way to “move” an item to a subitem would be to create a subitem, copying the needed columns to the subitem then deleting the original item. Without the files and updates, this would be fairly easy in Integromat.

Thanks for the roadmap. Super helpful!