How do I get the url for an item

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How do I fetch/generate the full url for an item from a token, board id and item id.

For example, for the board id - 1128519319, item id- 1128519320, the full url is

How do I fetch this url, or get the initial part of the url i.e. (


hi @kranthi_thoughtflow

The token does not hold the URL. You can do a jwt.decode(token) and what you get is an object that contains userid (uid) and accountid (actid). I don’t know form where you want to retrieve the URL, if is is from an integration running on your server you can get the account slug by doing a query:

  const query = `query {
    boards (limit:1)  {
      owner {
        account {

Does that help?


Hey @kranthi_thoughtflow ,

I would indeed recommend the solution offered by @basdebruin in terms of getting the account slug. From there, a direct link could be formed using something like the below:


I hope this was helpful :slight_smile:


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Thanks @basdebruin , @AlexSavchuk That worked great :+1:

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