How do I set up an on call schedule?

Hi all! so we have a maintenace team of 7 people and we are trying to use Monday to set their on call schedule (it changes every week).

what is the best way to input who is on call and then of course have a visual calendar to see who is on call for the week, month, year?

oh also love to setup text reminders automation that would text a tech that he is on call starting tomorrow

Monday can definitely be set up to accommodate this, but I need more specifics to answer. How exactly is your board set up? Can you share a photo? Do you intend to have each line item(horizontal rows) on Monday represent a “maintenance team”? Or are the line items going to be maintenance request or something like that? Once thats determined, you can use the View option to translate the data to a calendar and customize it further.

Regarding the text message automation. Monday has a great built in notification system, so you could have them install the mobile app and use that. But if not, then you have some other notification options.

  1. Send an email via integration like Outlook or Gmail. You could even go a step further and have the receiving email forward the update to a phone number via text, just requires some email rule setups.
  2. Set up a Twilio account and use the built in Monday integration with Twilio to send automated messages. We use that to notify our production manager and we’ve been using the Twilio free account for two months now. Twilio is super affordable to use even after the fact.

thanks for the reply! here is our current setup: Dropbox - chrome_7T9dlrEgHn.png - Simplify your life

so we don’t handle any maint requests in Monday. This is literally just on an on call schedule so we can keep track of who is on call that week.

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I haven’t been able to work on this as much as I wanted. But I’m trying to mimic your structure as much as possible and add the features you want. Here is what I’ve come up with so far:

Board Structure:
Keeping the same Monday-Sunday column structure, the main change is having the item names as weeks/holidays and then having the Techs show up as options in a status column. This will allow you to automate populating their “Email” column, which is just a Text column, so you don’t have to type it in each time. I’ll go through that later on once I do some testing and determine the simplest way to automate it. You’ll notice I also separated the months by groups which is totally optional.

Text Notifications:
I actually figured out a much simpler way to set this up. First step is to have each Tech send a text message to your email. You should see it come in as ##########@serviceprovider.etc. Where the #'s are their telephone number and the serviceprovider.etc is each phone companies specific email address. For example mine is (cellphone#) Once you have their “phone emails”, we can set up Integrations and Automations that will email them the information you want at a specified time. Since you have their phone number email, they will receive it as a text.

Let me know if this makes sense so far and if this is the direction/design you had in mind.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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