How do I summarise total projects vs project items on a Program High-Level Board?

I want to create a high-level program board listing all the projects part of our transformation program. I know I can use the mirror column, but this only pulls data from a task line within a project board, not a summary of a whole board. For example, I want to connect Project Alpha and Project Foxtrot to my Transformation Program board showing a summary of the status, progress and budget for each project in separate columns on the line item. Can someone share with me a work around for this?

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hi @janelegall

This app Apps Marketplace is taking complete boards and summarizes those in single line items on the master board.

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Hi @janelegall

As @basdebruin mentioned you could you use an app to achieve this.

Another option would be to change your board structure.
You could have each of your projects be an item on a board and then use the subitems for each of the tasks within that project.

This will allow you to ‘roll up’ the tasks, so that you can see a summary of them on each item.
You will need to roll up each column you’d like to see on the parent item, such as status etc.
You can do this by selecting the down arrow next to the column, hovering over the Settings and selecting ‘Show summary on Parent item’:

You’ll then be able to see the overall status of your project tasks directly from the item level:

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smile:




If you’re looking for a total from the entire board, I’ve been using the Sum Number feature in the Dashboard to pull from all relevant groups. If you’re okay with having it in the dashboard instead of the board itself, this could be an easy option.


Hey @janelegall! Hopefully these ideas helped but if you’re still having questions about this, shoot us an email at :blush: