Roll-up hours from a low level task board to a high level project board

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I may be missing something or perhaps it’s not possible but right now we have our items at a high level as a project board and then a secondary board with in-depth tasks. For the project board it is broken out by month and the in-depth tasks are segmented by task such as social, seo. We have the planned hours listed on the project board and then hours used by each task in the in-depth task board. Is there a way to roll-up select lines in the in-depth task to a box in the project board. So for example, on the in-depth tasks for SEO there may be 10 lines and 5 of those apply to April- I’d like to take the sum of those hours as I enter them and have it auto populate into the one line on the project board that is allocated to the April SEO hours.

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For what I can see from your use case it looks like a perfect fit fot the Rollup Multiple Boards app. More info here Apps Marketplace and here There is also an extensions, called Filter Multiple Boards which allows you to filter only specific items from the down-level boards to be rolled up to the higher level.

Thanks @basdebruin! Are you aware of any workaround that would not require a premium option?

Hi @rach I am not aware of any workaround for this out-of-the-box. You can try to solve it with connect_boards and mirror columns but hat has some drawbacks.

Hi @rach!

Did you still need help with this? I created a short video here showing you how to achieve this set-up and would love to hear from you on whether or not this would be helpful.

Let me know :slight_smile: