How to get a Summary of Multiple Timeline Columns?

Is there a way to sum the timeline from one board onto another board to get a higher level view of the timelines.
For instance:
One board details the modules to be released as part of a deployment, these are high level modules.
The inidividual tasks that make up the module are listed on another board with timelines assigned to each task. Is there a way to collate the timelines from the tasks on the high level board
Task 1 = 1-Jan - 10-Jan
Task 2 = 11-Jan - 15-Jan
Task 3 = 12-Jan - 20-Jan

High Level should look at the earliest and latest date to provide one timeline. In this example 1-Jan - 20-Jan.

Is this possible?

Hi @IDavies

It is possible indeed. The Rollup Multiple Board (RMB) apps does exactly that (and much more). Detail boards created from templates (out of a master board) will be linked in a backend database. There are several recipes available to aggregate:

  • timelines > timeline
  • dates > timeline (take first and last date from a single date column and create timeline)
  • status > text / number (e.g. percentage of completion)
  • status > status (change a status on the master board according to all statuses in detail)
  • time tracker > text / number
  • numbers > numbers (sum, average, min, max)

You can think of a master board where each row (item) represents a detail board and shows the column summaries for the detail boards. And yes, it is all live. Any change in any of the detail boards automatically rolls up to the master.

More info (including trial link and documentation) can be found at: Rollup Multiple Boards | Excellent Team

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Hi @basdebruin
Thanks for your response. Looking at the link it suggest you need to do this first, what if I already have the boards made? Also, does this come at a cost?

hi @IDavies

The app need to maintain the relationships between the boards and therefore only newly created boards can be connected. The workaround is (depending on the number of detail boards you already have) to create a template from one of your detail boards, add it to the app and create (new) detail boards. From there on you can move your items from your existing detail boards to the newly created detail boards. Does that make sense?

Yes I think so!
Thank you :+1:t2:

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