Project Summary Board - Adjusting item (rows) from low-level boards to columns in Summary board


I am trying to create a project summary board that reports multiple milestone dates. Each project has it’s own board with 200+ items. Some of these items are milestones and I would like to have a summary board that shows the the project as the item and has each of the milestone dates as columns. Somewhat like a pivot, but the pivot table app doesn’t allow me to edit in it and is not a very clean looking summary.

Hey Liam!

Perhaps you’ve already considered this solution but have you tried using a Table Widget in the Dashboard and pulling in all the boards there?

Let me know what limitations you ran into if this doesn’t fit what you need so we can figure out another solution!

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried to use a table, but I can’t figure out how I would show the important milestone dates all on a single row corresponding to the project that is being summarized.

I have included a picture trying to illustrate what I would like to see. The value in the columns would be the date of the item.

@basdebruin - I have noticed you are very active and seem to be able to aid most people with solutions. Do you have any thoughts on how to create a summary detailed above?

Hi Liam,

So if I am understanding correctly, you want to depict the milestones based out of the timeline column in the project board on three different columns on a summary board.

This kind of solution may not be possible with out of the box automations and connect columns due to the basic structure of If you want to stick with seeing the milestones of each project in an easier way, I would look into dashboard where the Gantt Widget is added and you connect all your project boards. Then filter that widget to only see 'Milestones" on that view.

You can also do this in a calendar widget and table widget filtering dow to the milestones.

If you would like to develop the project summary to show the milestones on the item columns or in subitems, these can be created through a integration. Check out our video about Portfolio Management System and how it can enhance your project management through establishing a digital ecosystem!

If even some of this resonates, reach out and we can help you take full advantage of what has to offer!

Mike B
Automation Architect