How do i track per time period the number of items in each group to show in a dashboard/graph

Hi i would like to track the number of items per week per group to track trends. But to do this i would need to record how many items were in a group at a set date (weekly), how could i achieve this?

Hey Paul,

I have had a play around with this use case. I am interested if the following could work for you -

Given that you’re tracking item count on a weekly basis based on a set date, you would need to include a date column and an automation to push the date on a weekly basis so that you can consistently measure those items across groups.

From there, you can utilise the chart widget, specifically the stacked bar chart to measure items per group against the specific date - as shown below:

Therefore, because you have set up the automation to push the end date on a weekly basis, you can continue checking on the chart at the correct date.

Let me know if something like this could work for you :slight_smile:

@Paul_Adams sounds like what are looking for is a Cumulative flow diagram. I suggest taking a look at the Analytics & Reports by Screenful. It’s an add-on to Monday that allows creating advanced charts, including the cumulative flow diagram that shows trends over a time period. Here’s an example chart:

This chart shows the number of tasks on each group on any given day. If you only want to see weekly numbers, you can use a stacked bar chart for that:

Each bar corresponds to a week, and the number on top of the bar shows the total number of tasks. The bar segments represent the groups. When you hover a mouse over a bar, you’ll see the number of items per each group.

You can learn more about the add-on and signup for a free trial to give it a try!

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I am trying to find the same solution… I tried what Bianca proposed and in principal this works, but if i did it correct, it only gives you a graph with values for one date (being the most recent one). This is a bit ‘dumb’ as that info we have live already on the board itself.

What we want though is an overview (progress/change tracking) per week/month etc… I do not really understand why this is so difficult as for any KPI board, you wan to track values over time, so, in my opinion this should be a basic function in Monday, especially as Monday is a database, more than it is a spreadsheet (paraphrasing the words here from another Monday colleague as answer to a similar question :wink: ).

Do I overlook something in Bianca’s solution, perhaps??

The (2nd) graph posted by Sami with the plugin is exactly what I need, but i do not want /cannot use any plugins.



I found a solution to create a simple Cumulative flow diagram without any addons:

  1. Create a Char Widget
  2. Select a Diagram Type like “Line” or “Bar”
  3. X-Axis select “Date” (plus Sub-Elements if needed)
  4. Y-Axis select “Number”
  5. Check More Settings:
    → Sort by “X-Axis ascending”
    → Checkbox “Show Cumulative Data”