How to create a date based cumulative view of count of items per group in a board?

I have a board that has 7 groups in it. I’m trying to create a cumulative/historical view of how many items are in each group over time. It seems like this should be pretty easy, but I’m having a hard time getting something like this together. I would essentially like my y axis to be count and my x axis to be date (day, week, month). Can someone offer some tips on how to accomplish?


Interesting request.

There might be an app that can do that for you. But I am not aware of one.

I am an advocate of the Make platform. It would be fairly easy to create a process to capture that information in Make. You can find out more about Make here: What is Make & How can it help you with monday? But other tools are available to access the monday API.

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What is Make & How can it help you with monday?
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