How do you build a nested formula with IF statements?

Hi all, first timer here! I need help with a nested formula, It may possibly be something very basic but I have real trouble with type of formulas everytime. I need a formula that substracts an amount from the total budget only when a status changes to done.
Basically I have: Total Bugdet - Split 1 - Split 2 - Split 4 - Split 5. But I want this susbtraction to ocurr ONLY when the status of Split 1 is done, only when the status of Split 2 is done, and so forth.

Im attaching a screenshot so that you can see how my columns are set up. Basically for every Split I have a number column (with amount to susbtract), a date column, and a status column.

If someone could help me formulate this it would be greatly appreciated.


I’m not sure that I completely understand what you are looking for. But, maybe this will help…

={Total}-IF({Estado 1}="Pagado",{Split 1},0)-IF({Estado 2}="Pagado",{Split 2},0)-IF({Estado 3}="Pagado",{Split 3},0)-IF({Estado 4}="Pagado",{Split 4},0)-IF({Estado 5}="Pagado",{Split 5},0)

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