How do you set up Timeline Dependencies to adjust when a task finishes early?

Hey folks,

We’ve just started using and so far its really great. However, I’m struggling with one part of dependencies if a task finishes early. For example,

The Writing task is scheduled from 4th of Jan to 29th of Jan.
The Editing task is dependent on Writing, and is scheduled between 1st of Feb and 12th Feb.

I have all these set ups with dependencies, how long they take, etc. What I would like to happen is if the Writing task finishes early, say by 22nd Jan, that the Editing tasks dates automatically readjust and now start on 25th of Jan (the next working day).

Is this possible? Thanks in advance.

Hi @EmmetByrne - Welcome to the community. Currently not possible, but I know it’s been requested and is under consideration.

Hey @EmmetByrne, thanks for posting about this! Like @PolishedGeek said this isn’t currently possible, unfortunately.

Have you thought about using one of the “adjust” dependency automations? This one should do the trick in that it will adjust the Editing task earlier, but it will keep the interval between the two tasks this same:


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That’s great, thanks a lot!

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