Timeline of dependent task moves when previous task done early

I would like to set that when a task is finished before its due date is set (and the corresponding timeline column), the due dates and timelines of all tasks that depend on it will be also shifted and thus I do not have excess time reserves in the project. Is there a way to set this up on Monday?

Painfully, it isn’t an option to set individual dates in a timeline via an automation. This would solve an awful lot of issues. General Caster, make.com, or perhaps some app would be best employed for this task.

There is a workaround using monday.com automations. If you set up the timeline and duration column connection, you can adjust that based on the number of days elapsed in the timeline. You basically need to have a copy of the duration and reduce it during the timeline dates using a status triggered daily. Once the task is marked as complete, you create a looping automation to reduce the connected duration by any remaining days.

There are many problems with this monday.com workaround and it really limits how flexibly you can manage tasks. So I wouldn’t recommend it in most cases.

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