How does App Versioning work with Custom Integration Apps?

Hello All

Doing on some work on our custom integrations again after a hiatus and we are a bit confused by how the app versioning feature.

Question: say we create a new version, which has “draft” status, and I create new recipies on it. How can we test it? i.e. how can we generate webhooks which simulate user interaction, without promoting this new version to live?


hi @jaacquees

Welcome back :slight_smile:. When you create a new version you can test this new version by adding that version to your (test) board for the account it was build with. E.g. when you add an integration to your app that has a draft version you will see something like:

With regards to testing webhooks (or any other part that is using some backend) you still will need a development and production environment for your app. Fot integrations I create a minor (draft) version and then change the baseURL from my production to my develooment environment.

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Thanks basdebruin! I am glad I stumbled upon here, you halped me a lot!