How if anyway can I track UTM source for our campaigns from job application forms?

Is there an app integration that can help? Any work arounds?

Hi @carmendiana ~ Welcome to the Community! :wave:

Can you clarify what information you are trying to track when you say “UTM Source”?

If you are referring to keeping track of who is submitting a form, then you will need to have a space open in the form for them to submit their name, email address, etc. Check out this article for more details on setting up and editing our forms feature: The Forms

If this is not what you are looking for, could you elaborate a bit more on what you are trying to achieve? Any screenshots you can send of the feature you are referring to wouldbe helpful as well


Hi Jenna

I am trying to track from which ad campaign an application is coming from. So for example if someone comes from our google ad that is targeting to preschool lead we can track it by retrieving the source. (nonematchtype=p&network=g&device=m&adposition=&keyword=preschool%20teacher%20job&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=12018540907&utm_content=118524813320&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9O6HBhCrARIsADx5qCQTwxsesk32xFQjLN3e90FuM3bSMyMpGNBkip0BrvWEtsk8Bky20qYaAvDFEALw_wcB&)

@carmendiana I don’t think it’s possible using native forms right now because you can’t prefill fields or include any custom javascript. However, you might be able to achieve this using JotForm or another 3rd party form provider which could create items in monday- see this link from jotform: How to Track URL UTM values in Jotform?

You could then integrate jotform with monday so that a new form submission creates a new item in your monday board, see here.

To do this without a 3rd party tool like JotForm would require the ability to prefill monday form fields (ideally hidden fields) based on URL parameters. That’s not possible using forms right now per this thread: but it’s a great feature suggestion which you can vote on here!

@jk193 Awesome Jake. I am trying to track which applicants apply through application form created with are coming from which marketing campaign from Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. So kinda want it have just add another column to the applicant on the board that will say the UTM there and I could see it.

Not sure if this made sense lol


Another option, using base monday, that you might consider would be to do the following:

  1. Create a copy of your main board structure to a new board.
  2. Change the new board to a template.
  3. Add a column to the main board that will be the source.
  4. Add a custom automation to the template to move created items to your main board:
  5. For each source you want to track:
  • Create a new board using the template.
  • Edit the automation on the new board to add the source value.
  • Use the form from this board for the given source.

So, each source will have it’s own “receiving” board and all new items will get moved to the main board with the tracking info attached.

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Hi @JCorrell Thanks for responding!

So you’re saying for me to create a posting for example for Assistant Teacher from google, another copy of it for Bing, and another for Facebook so that we can know where they come from?

“# 3. Add a column to the main board that will be the source” - sorry I am a newbie. Is there a way for monday to extract where it is from, or is this a field where it is identified as the Facebook Assistant Teacher posting so thats how we know the source?


If the form that is being used for each posting is the same, you would only need create separate incoming boards for each source.

Step 3 is referring to a column that you would have on the main board that would tell you the source. As long as the number of sources will be less that 30, I would recommend using a status column. Then you can edit the automation in each incoming board to specify the source:

@JCorrell Yes that makes sense. Awesome thank you. I will let you know if this works out for us! :smiley:

Hi @JCorrell

So I was able to create all the different boards, but I am trying to get anything that comes in to my for example Bing board to my main ALL posting boards to collect all the responses from all the different platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, when I tried to connect the board it changed the source column (status) to Google? Is it normal when connecting boards that the status changes by itself? Should it not be pulling the same information? Or should I try to create a move automation to bring them all into the corresponding groups in the ALL board?


If you are trying to follow my recommendation, the mapping for the source column on the automation for each of the “form” boards should be typed in to set the source value to the desired setting.

Hi @carmendiana
Did you manage to solve it? As I face the same challenge and it will be very useful to collect the UTM parameters directly to the Monday board.