Is there any way to identify the "source" when using a form embedded on multiple web pages?

Basically the title - we use the sales CRM and have set up a form to capture new leads via our website, which is working a treat. We would, however, like to be able to identify the “source” (our landing page vs the main page) of the form submission. Is there any advanced setting for the forms that might allow this? versus having to set up separate forms, which feels like a more complex task.

Hey @amltcp360

Nachliel from Easyapps here

A single monday form cannot have multiple settings, meaning what you are trying to do is currently not possible withing monday.

The available options within monday are to create separate forms and either set a group for each source, additionally you can use automations to set a source status on the creation of an item.

Our app Easyform is a styled form builder in and one of its feature is Item Default Values that allows you to preset in the form itself the value of any status and dropdown column, saving you the need to deal with automations.

You can read more about item default values and our many other advance features in our comprehensive documentation site.

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Yes, there are a few ways to identify the source of a form submission when the same form is embedded on multiple web pages.One way is to use a hidden field. This is a field that is not visible to the user, but it can be used to store information about the source of the form submission. For example, you could add a hidden field to your form that contains the URL of the page where the form was submitted. When the form is submitted, this information will be stored in the submission record.

Another way to identify the source of a form submission is to use a widget. A widget is a small piece of code that can be added to a web page. Widgets can be used to track a variety of different things, including the source of a form submission.