How to add a value to an existing column list

Hi everybody,

On a board, we have a column with 3 values for example red; green and blue.
Users can only select one value.

Now we want to add a new value “pink” to our list value using the playground .

Is there a simple way to add this new value and not update an item with this new value with create_labels_if_missing option !?

And how to delete a value from a column list ? For example i do not want blue value anymore.

Thank you

There is no way to add or remove a status column label with the API, beside the create_labels_if_missing directive on a change_column mutation.

Sorry, we all wish there was this capability today.

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Thx cody for your answer ! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Thank you for the help @codyfrisch !!!

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