How to automatically create mini-deadlines based on final deadline?

I want to create a TEMPLATE where if I assign a final deadline to a project, it will automatically assign mini-deadlines to various tasks that need to be completed first. For example, Task A (writing a script) is due five days before the final deadline, Task B (creating storyboards) is due three days before the final deadline, etc. I feel like this should be easy to do but for the life of me I can’t find a way to do it. Please help!

Hello @cedricft ,

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Since you mentioned a Template, I assume the process you are using is mostly if not completely repetitive, the only thing changing being the deadlines.

I would recommend two things.

First, create a dependency column for theses tasks and do the necessary connections.

Second, once you have set up the original board, you can make it a Template board.

Hope this helps!

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