How to convert Item to subitem when item name contains a given word, with automation Monday or Make/Integromat

So each month i have item created this way with item name :

Month1 - item1 name
Month1 - item2 name
Month2 - item1 nam
Month2 - item2 name…

So i want to convert these items into subitems with an automation (Make or Monday) so in the end i have this :

Item1 Month1
Subitem1 name
Subitem2 name

Item2 Month2
Subitem1 name
Subitem2 name

Hey Axel!

This isn’t possible to setup automatically in monday with automations but you could reach out to Make’s support team and see if their integrations can support this specific workflow!

While it is not an exact fit, I’m wondering if this recent Community post about making subitems from forms using Make would be helpful!

Hi @futuraxel

We can implement this using Make. We can demo if you need help.

Feel free to book a FREE slot here:

MSquare Support
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Hey Charlotte,

Thank u so much, i am going to check it

so i’d like to know how u configued your module (Create a subitem), did u reported all the columns from the item u get in (get item) ?

Cause i want to have the same columns and values of items in subitems


Thank u@MsquareAutomation, i booked a call