How to email file as an attachement and not as a link

Hi there :wave:,
One of our App user is trying to automate the printing of a label. I wanted to suggest to use a mail-to-print functionality, but for that, we would need to send an email with the label as an attachement, not as a link.
Is there a way to do that?


Hello jeromeskiply,
I was trying to accomplish the same and was told that as of now it is not possible. But I found a workaround. The recipient just needs to copy the URL link and open in a new browser tab. The file automatically downloads to that computer.
It has been working just fine for our team.

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Hi @tfeuerst!
Thank you for sharing your workaround.
Unfortunately, in my case, the recipient is a printer, and it requires an attachement in order to print it.