Sending a Doc - Automation

Hi everyone,
I’m building a board to register my team’s meetings. I’ve managed to automate the process to send the meeting notes (doc) as soon as the analyst complete the doc and change the status to “done”. An e-mail is sent to the group with the meeting’s title and a link for the doc. Here is the challenge… i would like to send the doc’s pdf attached to the e-mail instead of the link. Is it possible?

Hey Marcelo! :wave:

If you download the notes as PDFs and then re-upload them to the same column (or a different files column) with the workdocs, you can use an email integration recipe like this:

In the recipe, you’ll want to use the {pulse.files} part so that it sends the files in that item. When they receive the email, there’ll be a PDF link and it will download as the PDF document when they click it.

I hope this helps! :blush:

Is there a way to change the link name of to display the actual PDF and not the download link.