Using Emails and activities in a creative way


What I am trying to achieve:

When our projects are finished (items in a board) we manually send out an email from gmail containing an attachment with a PDF regarding instructions on how to use our product.

I have used emails and activities to send out PDF documents when the file is in the row in the file column. lets say i have a board with 25 items and each item has to be sent out a choice of 3 pdf-files. Is there any way to have these “files” stored in the board and accessed through emails and activities?

I had an idea that it would be possible to use item default values in the board and then putting the 3 pdf-files there.


Would you like to choose 1 out of 3 files available in file column before sending a file through an email?
Or simply you want to all the three files.


Hi @SolarenergyShannon :wave:

Great question!

Rather than using the Emails & Activities app for this, I would recommend setting up an automation via the Gmail integration.
You can set up the following automation which will send out an email when the status is changed:

You can find this via the Integrations button in the top right hand corner of the platform:

When you set up the automation you will be able to select which columns are included in the email that is sent out.
If the user has access to your account, I would recommend using the files column and uploading the documents there. When you select to include this in your automated email it will appear as a URL link that you receiver can then open in the platform.

If they are not a member of your account, it would be best to host this externally (i.e. via Google Drive, Dropbox etc) and then add a link to the automated email. This will allow the user to click the link and open it up / download it to their desktop.



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