Want to Attach Files Stored in Other Boards to Emails Using Emails & Activities Function

My sales team is using Monday CRM and has started using the Emails & Activities function to send/track emails. We need to be able to attach various (and ever-changing) marketing materials stored in the Files column for other items and/or in Files columns in other connected boards without having to download and then re-upload from computer. Having to do so defeats the purpose of having everything located in Monday.com in the first place. Any ideas?

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Fully agree here.

+1 This is also a major problem for us.

Currently the „Attach from Files column“ in Emails and activities does not work from Mirror columns.

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Hi Melissa,

An automation tool like Zapier or Make would come in handy to here to help you to automate the process of attaching files stored in Monday to emails, as well as using the files in other connected boards.

Just another workaround for this:

If you don’t have switching marketing materials depending on customers, you can also put the files in the default item values for the file column.

Not ideal because you have to manually update the default item value whenever Marketing materials change, but still a good workaround.

If you don’t customize marketing materials for different customers, you can instead store the files in the default item values for the file column. This approach requires manual updates to the default item value whenever marketing materials change, which is not ideal but serves as a viable workaround.
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Using default values would probably need a little maintenance over time, but it’s a super easy to implement workaround.
It would quickly increase your storage usage if many new items are added to the board regularly. If the files are small and there’s few newly created items, this could work though! Good idea Shayan!

Hey @melissacresson1

We have an exclusive integration solution that enables you to attach/send files from boards to popular email platforms like Outlook and Gmail. Our dedicated monday.com consultants have successfully implemented this integration for many clients. This integration solution helps you send files from boards to multiple email addresses in one go.

To know more about how we set up this integration and understand its working mechanism, you can connect with our consultants today!

This was about sending / attaching files from the Emails and Activities Email composer though. Not with using automations