Sales CRM, Email Attachments


i have started to using the emails & activities inside the deals to write an email (conneted to my outlook 365).
when attaching a file, it eventually appears in the bottom of the email n a strange way insead of a “stanrd” attachment. is that normal? can i change it to be same as an outlook attachment. i already had several cases where my reciepent did not notice the file link in the bottom


Hey Chen!

Would love to take a closer look at this and make sure it is running smoothly! :blush:

Could you attach a screenshot in a reply here so we can check it out?

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for supporting this. Attached.

The attachment appears as a link in the bottom.

I already had several people not noticing it , asking again for the attachment (or not asking which is worse…)

It tends to look like another part of the signature …



Hello @goldman ,

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I am afraid this is how attaching files in the emails sent works via the CRM, at least for now. :frowning:

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