Add files attached to E&A to the Sales activities board

The Sales CRM hase an integration allowing every activity created in the E&A app to create an item in the Sales Activities board. We sometimes attach files to activity reports. It there a way to have the file popelate in a files column on the sales activites board?
Is there any API acsess to the E&A app?

Hey Eli! Would you be able to share the integration recipe you’re referring to so we can test out this process on our end?

If it is being attached in the Updates Column via the E&A app, you could utilize the Files Gallery board view to see both File Columns files and Updates section files for all the items in the board.

The files tab in the Updates Section will also show all the files for that item - within the Updates and within the column.

Would this be a good workaround? Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there! :blush:

Thank you for your answer. We manage all our sales activities through the E&A app, so they can easily be synced between the pre-sales and post-sales teams (each on separate boards).

Once we have an addendum to a contract, I’d like the CSMs to upload the changed details to the CRM as an E&A activity. Then, I would like to create a board view for our finance team with all the expected changes for that month (including files). We have this integration in place to aggregate all the activities on one board.

For some reason, when I try to set which properties should be associated with the item, I can’t add the file attached to an E&A activity. I looked in the files tab as you mentioned, but files uploaded through the E&A app don’t appear there.


As for your question, regarding having files populate in a files column on the Sales Activities board when attaching them to activity reports in the E&A app, this functionality largely depends on the specific capabilities of the integration and the design of your monday. com setup.

Typically, to achieve this level of automation, you would need to ensure that the integration between the E&A app and monday. com is set up to not only create items but also include file attachments. You might want to check with your integration settings or connect with consultants or the E&A app support for guidance on configuring this specific behavior.

Regarding API access to the E&A app, it would depend on whether the E&A app provides an API for external access. You can usually find information about API availability in the documentation or developer resources provided by the app’s developers or by reaching out to their support.

In any case, I recommend exploring the integration settings and reaching out to the respective integration specialist for more detailed and specific guidance tailored to your setup and requirements. They should be able to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information as needed.

Neelam Bhatt