Send email from Items & Activities when item created

When an item is created via a workform, I want the person who filled out the form to get an email confirming their submission. I already have this working in some situations with the Outlook integration, but I would like to use the Emails & Activities emails as it allows me to format the email and include a signature. I’ve already saved the email as a template.

I can’t see any automation/integration for new item created that works with Emails & Activities?

Edited to add:
These seem like obvious/simple use cases that as far as I can tell aren’t implemented:

  • Confirmation emails on WorkForm submission should be a built in option.
  • Outlook/Gmail integrations should allow text formatting, especially as the option is available in another of Monday’s own integrations. The idea of plain text confirmation emails going out to our customers in this day and age is just crazy, and it makes us look really bad.
  • Automations for Emails and Activities should be triggerable from outside the app itself.