Automation where the status change send a email along with the file attached to the status

I am trying to create an automation, that attches files from a status item when dependencies are set.

When the status of Vetting changes from Waiting on Docs to In process and only if POA is received and POI is Receievd then send a gmail to and attached files which are associated with POA & POI.

I have managed to create succefully the first part of this automation but cant get it to include the files. Is this possible?

Hey Sinead!

You will have to use the Files Column to attach files in any automation recipe like this! Then, just add the file to each item’s Files Column cell that may be triggered by the automation recipe.

Does this help clarify? It would help us to suggest better solutions for your workflow if you could provide some more context behind the process you’re trying to set up so let us know if this doesn’t quite meet your needs!