How to extract key words from email into different columns in monday

I need to extract basic data from credit clearing system to a table in monday - e.g. - Name, phone, total payment …
I do get an email for every deal with all the details so i was thinking it could be easy to extract the data from the mail.
but all the options i found the body text of the mail goes straight into the ‘update’ and the formulas are not working with the update section.
does anyone else met with a similar problem and has some possible solutions to this ?



I have created solutions similar to this with Make. If you are inclined to create a custom solution, that would be my suggestion.

You could potentially save updates to a text column and use formulas to extract the information or just extract the information directly and save it directly to various columns. The complexity would depend primarily on the formatting of the email that is creating the update. If you can control that, then it would be quite easy.

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Hi @Nytai Extract marketplace app (see link below) extracts content from board updates. Currently we extract emails and sender names, and adds them to your board items so you can automate your CRM and helpdesk workflows without the need to manually copy and paste data.

No need to use integromat here.

Can you share more about your usecase so we can consider extracting other data? How does the email content looks like?

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