Split Text using a formula 2

I am trying to extract from a text an Email which follow the term Email and to put in another column.
How could i do that please ?
I was trying to use the function search but i am not sure if it’s a good move…

Thank you for your help

Hey Antoine! :wave:

So you’re looking to extract text from an email and put it in a Formula Column? Is that right?

If so, I would suggest using automations but since formula columns do not work in automations, you will want to utilize the Text Column or Updates Section instead of the formula column.

To start, you could try an automation recipe like “When email is received, create item in group” and then set the conditions for which emails create an item by clicking on the “email” field in the recipe like this:

Then, you can set a second automation recipe to further organize or fill out your Text Column or Updates Section when a new item is created in that group.

What do you think about this idea? :blush:

Hello Charlotte,
Thank you for your reply but it’s not exactly whay i am looking for, i will need too much automatisations for this.
My need is to extract the word which follow the word “email” on a text.

Is it possible with the search fonction for instance ?

I did it on airtable so i was hoping i can do it on mondays with formula.

Thank you,
Best regards,