How to filter items by column values for a specific group on a board

I need to pull data from a group in my board. The condition is that I have to filter items in this group by a specific item column value. I could figure out how to get all items belonging to a group on a board using this query:
{boards (ids:BOARD_ID_HERE) {
groups (ids: GROUP_ID_HERE) {items (limit:2) {
name created_at column_values{id title text}

What would be the query for filtering the group items based on a column value?

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You can’t combine the items_by_column_values method with the specification of a group.

What you can do is, for example, query for the items by a column value, and retrieve the group the item belongs to, and then do the filtering on your end with that information:

  items_by_column_values(board_id: 1234567890, column_id: "name", column_value: "Item 2") {
    group {

What do you think?

Hey @Matias.Monday ! Thanks for the suggestion. I have another follow up question, Can I use more than one column_id as a filtering condition on item ? For example, I have items with 2 columns “status” and “date”. Is there a way to get items with a particular status column value and date column value ?

Hello @rad1!

As of today, that can’t be done with one query.

You can create a items_by_column_values query for the status and another one for the date, and then compare the results to see which item IDs are repeated in both responses.

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