How to find out Success Rate and it's Visualisation

I have two columns in my board now. Owner and Success. In owners, there are different employees, the type is people. In Success, there are Won, Lost, New and Submitted, they type is formula. This is a column indicating the proposals of employees whether the proposals have been approved. I want to measure the success rate of the employees. The formula is "count of won / count of (Won + Lost + Submitted). Then I want to visualise the result showing the success rate of my employee. Guys, I’m having trouble on calculation the success rate. Is there any help I could get?

Hello @Alammulia1 ,

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I would suggest trying your hand at creating a chart widget.

There you can filter per person and see their % of won, lost and submitted proposals. You can even filter it for a time period.

Hope this helps!

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Hii @GiannisKoukounas ,

It doesn’t work on me, could you provide a guide for me?
My end goal is actually to visualise the success rate of my employees.

Wang Khang Yao

Now that i am able to create this chart, is it possible to show the percentage of how much an employee is able to win?

Yes, just go to the settings and change it to a chart!

Then use the filters to see the % for each person.