How to get quick overview of important tasks on one board with several groups (ie. clients)?

Hi all,

I’m in a bit of a pickle with and hoping to get some different POVs and help here! I’ve probably twisted by brain into a fair knot by this stage, trying make monday work for our company, teams and just myself.

We offer our clients exhibition services.
For each exhibition we can have 1+ clients, and the tasks relating to the exhibition are identical to each client.
We have three different teams working on the exhibition/client project: sales, design and project management team. Sales obviously sells the whole thing with the help of initial ideas from the design team, and once the sale is successfull the project moves over to the project management team, where it’s assigned to one PM.
The exhibition can have 1-4 different project managers working on it, but each working on/for their own client.

As it currently stands, we only have one board per exhibition, and on that board we have one group template with all tasks that are due in projects like these (the tasks don’t really vary between projects). From this, we always duplicate the template group for each separate client.
We also have separate views for each client, which only shows that particular clients tasks (so basically a filtered view from the main table).

Currently the issue is that I cannot seem to have a clear overview where each clients project is at.
For example whether client A has approved their design or if their technical orders have been done, what’s the situation with client B for the same tasks etc.
One option is to work one client at a time, and check their project status thoroughly, and this works in the beginning of the project. However the closer we get to the actual live date of the exhibition, I crave a simple overview of whether the large main tasks (such as placing technical orders) has been done for all clients, or just a few of them.
As the client groups cannot be broken down further into different groups (trying to keep all one client tasks in one group), nor can they be colour coded in other ways than in the columns, do you have any suggestions on how to obtain a very broad overview of certain tasks, but across all individual clients on one board?