How to get the parent board of a subitems board?

When querying the API for boards, subitem boards show up in the results (type=sub_items_board). For those subitem boards, how can I determine what the parent board is? I would assume each board of type sub_items_board is linked to a board of type=board.

My goal is to determine the columns of a subitem board based solely on a board ID. I know it’s possible to get the columns of a subitem board based on a subitem ID, but I need it based on a board ID alone. Is this possible?

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Hello @oalbrecht,

In this case, you could look for the ID of the parent board by:

  1. You get the board ID of type sub_items_board
  2. You query for the subitems inside that board using the ID you have
  3. You query for the parent_item and in it, the board ID of the main board

And regarding the second question, once you have the ID of the subitems board you can just get the column of that subitems board like you would with a regular main board:

  boards(ids: 1234567890) {
    columns {

I hope this helps!


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