How to have multiple dates in Timeline, but with the grouping like in Gantt?

Hi community,

I need assistance as I have tried the available options but still am unable to get what I want.

I need to create a Timeline for senior management to have an overview of our projects throughout the year.

For example, I have these projects, with multiple dates – some single, some spanning over days – and most occurring some time in each month :

I would like to have a view like this, as possible in Gantt…:

… where the projects are listed on the left column, and the affected dates are on the right. However in Gantt, I am only able to list each date in one row; having multiple dates will just expand the list to an unbearable long state. It is not able to list multiple dates in a single row, hence not ideal.

Now I want to have the above to be in Timeline, however, that is also not possible:

Now as shown above, I only can have the category by groups (or people) on the left. I cannot group by individual projects. However, I can have multiple things in a row. And irritatingly the name of the projects in the timeline bars itself.

So what I really want to know is:

  1. Can I have a Timeline that has the grouping of that like in Gantt (by projects on the left), and

  2. Multiple dates on a single row like in Timeline, but not displaying those names in the timeline schedule itself?

Thank you in advance for your advice on the matter.