Pulse with Multiple timeline OR multiple dates on timeline 1 line (Gantt)

Hi all, I want to use a Monday board to manage vacations requests.

On my board I already have a listing of all the vacations that people input in a Main board(1).

I want to visually see all vacations requests on the Gantt view by employee (2).
:nerd_face:The issue is that when all the vacation request will be added it will be impossible to have a clear complete overview of all 15 employees.
I would like a way to sort the data where the ‘’pulses’’ time off requests have multiple dates and are behind one another like in (3). Just like that each employee would have 1 line with all the dates on the Gantt.

Thank you so much!



To have multiple dates/timelines on a single row of the chart, you should use Timeline instead of Gantt. Gantt is intended to show tasks and dependencies clearly, so each task is on its own line. Timeline is like a vertically compressed version of Gantt.

In your Timeline settings, you can select the “Group by” variable. I believe for your case that would be the People column, the person taking a vacation. You don’t really need the group name of “Time off 2021” in the Timeline view because the whole chart is showing time across the X axis.

Thanks :smiley: this was what I was looking for