How to import a text value to over-write a Status Value

Hey is it possible to import a .csv or excel file and update/change a Status column value? I’m able to import and overwrite values in a board, but the Status column values can’t be updated.
When I try to map the Excel file value to the Status Column value, the option is greyed out and says: “This column is not supported”
If it is not possible, can I set up some kind of IF Statement that would update the Status Column based on changes to a Text Column?
Thanks for your help on this.
Steve H

Hi Steve,

The default import functionality in does not allow for Status columns to be updated for existing Items (though you can set Statuses when importing and creating brand new Items).

It would be possible to update existing Items via an import using an external integration/automation platform like If you would like to discuss the possibilities for that (and other automations), let me know and we can arrange a scoping call.

All the best,

If you choose Overwrite when you import into it will update the status columns. We use it regularly for a lot of updates. The key is having the ‘ID’ column (far left column) be unique for each person.

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Great thanks Molly. That works nicely.


Steve H