How to keep a running tally / keep track of inventory and also PTO hours left

I am looking for two things that would really be accomplished with the same solution.
#1. Tracking inventory in real-time
#2. Tracking how many PTO hours employees have left

I would like some way to just enter “1” or enter “24” into a column and it auto updates another column to be a real time number.

for ex for #1. (inventory)
we have a bunch of uniforms. When I give out 1x Safety shirt (or 5) I would like my “total” to reflect my total without having to manually go in and change the total.
—click a button and it subtracts 1 every click
—enter “amount given that day” into another column and it keeps subtracting (not from a cumulative total like ex #2 below)

ex for #2. (PTO)
Each time an employee uses PTO I would like to type into a column how many PTO hours they used and then the “Total left” column would update to the correct amount.
^^ I have a board set up for this right now but my issue is that I am having to do math everytime and my updates are confusing because its not tracking how many hour they used THAT time its giving a cumulative total of how many they’ve used for the whole year. See below:

using employee “nderson” as example.

Say he used 24 hours of PTO last week, I go in and I add 24 (new PTO used) +13 (current hours used) and enter in the total = 37hrs into the hours used column.

A formula calculates hours left by subtracting that Hours Used number from the PTO for the year number. Yes, this is accurately tracking it but it’s not easily understandable about how many he actually used PER TIME. This is what the update/ email sent to the employee looks like


I want it to say 24 hours used on July 20th
37 hours used for the year

That way I can track how many hours were used per specific paycheck.
Sorry this was kind of confusing but I am hoping someone can help me!!

Hi @Johnsa9 (Ashley)!

My team at Lucid Day has a complete solution created for inventory! This is great for you use case and it would give you even more! Take a look at this quick 5-minute video that showcases all of the features.

PTO is also something that a lot of our clients ask about. What might make sense is creating a board where people can submit their time. Then you can take the time that has been submitted and mirror it to another board that has their PTO for the year and a formula that calculates the time requested - the total PTO for the year to get you the time remaining.

If you would like to learn more or even talk to our team about the Inventory Solution, you can book a FREE consultation with us here!

Hope this helps!

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Yes, this is awesome! What is your formula for your quantity available so that it stays as the new quantity when you clear the line item?
I do have a request off board that all the employees use by submitting a form. I did not think about connecting the 2 but it only does by day not how many hours so I am not sure that would work great. But this video was super helpful. Great system you built!

Hi @Johnsa9 ! So that is part of our Solution, but I would love to dive deeper about your use case and talk to you about this!

Feel free to email me at!