Running total of hours used

I am looking to keep a running total of the number of hours a team member spends working on a task. This is all completed outside of monday and I only want to be able to add the number of hours after the event (Not use the time tracker). What I would like is…
Enter the number of hours into ‘monitoring hours’ and it then adds that number to the number in ‘Total monitoring hours’. It then clears the ‘Monitoring Hours’ column to allow another entry at another time. Any thoughts that don’t involve additional plugins (I see you typing integromat :stuck_out_tongue:) would be appreciated.

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Hi There!

There really isn’t a automation out of the box that can accomplish that exact workflow however, you do have two options for similar results:

  1. Utilizing the summary feature of the subitems to total the hours worked and then that total can be used for the Total Monitoring hours.

  2. Capture the hours tracked in another data source board where every time time is entered, then it would capture a line in that board and match/connect to the line item to show the total monitoring hours.

Let me know if either are of interest and we can walk through the options!

Looking forward to connecting!

Mike B
Automation Architect

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Hi @Piegood :wave:

I know you said without additional plugins but I can show you how to report on exactly what you’re looking for with the Clockify integration. As time is reported against projects/tasks the timesheet entries are sent through to a correlating board and we let the reporting begin!

The integration is built to work with the free Clockify account, so only the integration hosting fee would be an ‘additional’ in terms of cost. What this looks like:

I can give you a demo if you’d like to check it out :slight_smile:
Feel free to reach me anytime:

+61 03 9067 5611

Alternatively, you can book straight into my calendar here:
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Thank you for considering upstream as your partner, and have a great day ahead!

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Hi @Piegood

With default monday this feature is possible however with some constraints, like “Monitoring Hours” entered should be a whole number. We can achieve it with a status and a number column. Here is the loom for the solution we can achieve with default monday columns and automations.

Neelam B. Consultant
Damco Solutions

Hi Neelam

I have used this as a work around else where but where I currently need it, the range could be between 1 and 150 hours. All I need Monday to do is have a stored value that I can add to. This feels so fundamentally basic that I’m surely missing something obvious?