How to notify a team member when a task item is marked as 'done'

Is there a way to notify a team member, who is not assigned to the people column, of a task that has been marked DONE?

So for example, my compliance team wants to know when our “final formula approved” task is marked as "DONE by our Product Developers.

I do not want to assign the compliance team to the task, because they are not responsible for completing the job. The product developers are.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @brittsotzen,

Have you set your compliance team up as a team in the platform? I ask this, as you could set up this recipe below

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Hi @BiancaT, thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I only want to notify the compliance team when a specific task is complete, task: “Final Formula is Approved”.

If I use this recipe, it will alert the compliance team of every task that is marked as done.

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Hi @brittsotzen ,

Does your board have someway to identify what this type of task is besides the item name? I don’t think you can do an “And Only If” statement based on text in the item name, but if all these tasks are in one group or identified by a status/label column you could set that up.

This example would be if all of these types of items are in the same group.

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Love your thinking @kaylak - you’re on the money here! Could this workaround help you in the meantime @brittsotzen?