How to prevent having an item linked multiple times throughout a board - multilinking


I have 2 boards that have a two-way linkage used for booking patients into appointments: one has patients (Board A) and the other has available appointments (Board B). On both boards, I have removed the tick from the checkbox that states “Allow linking to multiple items”. Whilst I am not able to then select two values from the linked columns on either board, if I select the same same appointment for two different patients on Board A, I get two patients for a single appointment on Board B.

Is there a way that I can stop this from happening i.e. I only want a single patient being assigned to a single appointment.

Any help is appreciated.


As you have just described, the checkbox setting “Allow linking to multiple items” currently only controls how the board user interface acts.

If you would be open to it, I would be interested in see if we could come up with a solution together.


Hi @mfysh ~ Welcome to the Community! :wave:

If you want each appointment to only have one person assigned to it, then I would suggest reversing which board you are starting the linking process on. This would be a great solution if you are alright having two appointments assigned to one person versus having multiple people assigned to the same appointment.

In both cases, it’s not possible to prevent an item from being connected multiple times throughout the board when using the Connect boards Column. You can only limit the column to having one item connected to each row.

While I know this isn’t what you may have been hoping to hear, I hope this helps to explain!


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