How to prioritise features effectively?

I am looking for effective and creative ways to prioritise features, beyond the usual priority column. For context, our product team manages dozens of feature requests, most of them from retailers that use our product (instant refund service) and some of them are internal features and improvements. So ideally I want to manage the prioritization of the requests, maybe by scoring or by a attaching a priority to a retailer.

I would appreciate any suggestions!


Hey there! Happy to suggest some ideas! :blush:

Perhaps you can use the Conditional Coloring feature to visually differentiate external vs internal features/improvements!

Additionally, you could use Status Columns and change the status labels to reflect priority by changing them to numbers, “Top Priority”, etc. Then, you could implement an automation recipe that moves items to specific groups based on priority.

For example, all tasks with a top priority status would go to the group of items at the top of the board, which you could label “Top priority” or whatever else suits your purposes.

Then, the other items will be organized according to the other status labels to the different groups in the board: items with “Second priority” status move to the second group, items with “Third priority” status move to the third group, etc.

What do you think of these ideas? Do they match what you’re looking to do? Let me know your thoughts! :blush:

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks so much for your reply,
this seems to be like a good idea, but i think on top of prioritising via columns / colours, I’m looking for an efficient way to prioritise features by scoring as well, something like the RICE scoring system but that it will be easier to execute on Monday.