How to send a CC to Monday when email is sent from Outlook

Hi I can’t find the answer to my query so posting new.
I’m fairly new to Monday but loving it so far. We are a construction firm and want to copy an email sent via Outlook into the customers file on our board .
I don’t fully understand the integration options and not sure how to go about it. Any help gratefully received.

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Hey @JoMurray,

Welcome to the community! Sounds like you’re looking for the Emails & Activities feature. Open the line item that pertains to your customers file, and add in the feature if you don’t already have it sitting there.

Then when you’ve installed it, go and use the settings to connect it to your Outlook account:

Hope that’s helpful, have a great day!
Easy Mondays :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for this. I have installed this feature but I want to know how to copy an email into that area went I send an email from an external source such as Outlook