How to update mirrored column in board

I want to update the value of a mirror column (type: ‘status’) with some random value (say, “abcd”)

I tried the below query but it returned an error:

mutation {
  change_multiple_column_values(item_id:"item-id", board_id:"board-id", create_labels_if_missing: true ,column_values: "{\"mirror54\" : {\"label\" : \"abcd\"}}") {


  "error_code": "ColumnValueException",
  "status_code": 200,
  "error_message": "This column type is not supported yet in the api",
  "error_data": {
    "column_type": "LookupColumn"

How can I update mirrored column value ?


You cannot update a mirror because the data it displays is merely a reflection of the original item. To see the updated information in the mirrored column, you need to update the original source statues.

Hope this helps