Mirrored column value in api

Dear Monday.com,

I found an unsolved problem and would love to hear your solution. I have multiple boards with prime keys and link them together with foreign keys. I can connect boards and generate mirrored columns, until here everything is fine.

However, when I want to create an automation with the value of mirrored columns, no automation can read the mirrored column’s value. I use Python to connect API and read the item value. It turns out those column values are empty.

I looked around in the community here. It seems that the mirrored column only supports “status” type value. However, when I export the board’s data to excel. It shows the complete data on the mirrored columns. If this export function can work, why API cannot read the value of the mirrored column, this completely confuses me.

Is there some way to get the text of the mirrored column but I don’t know? Could you please help me out? Thanks a lot!

Hi @zhicheng_james_zhang

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The mirrored columns are so called client side columns, there value is derived within your browser. Therefore there is no way you can access the data in mirrored columns through the API. There are lots of articles in the community about this topic.

@basdebruin Thanks for your feedback! So, I have to manually copy those column values in the target board, right? Is there any other alternative solution I can take? I searched around in the community, but didn’t see a good solution… Thanks!

I really don’t think there is a solution to automate this.

I just tried again and realized that it can perfectly retrieve the number value (although I store them as text), but not text string. Now I don’t think this has anything to do with the client-side or server-side. I think @monday.com development team definitely can achieve this with only a few changes.

if @monday-team doesn’t have a solution, you can try using an RPA like UI Path

@zhicheng_james_zhang Would you mind sharing how you retrieved the number value? I am encountering a similar issue (trying to send back a primary key Salesforce Object ID via SFDC integration) but cannot select to send the values of the mirrored cells.

I use Python script to get the item id and find the corresponding column values under this item id, which I can see numeric values but not text ones