How to update the item name from a form submission?

Hello All

When a user submits a form it automatically populates with “Incoming form answer”
Is there any way to edit this text or to stop it altogether?


Hi @Rhyno3000 - Where exactly are you seeing this text? As the Item name or somewhere else?

G’day @PolishedGeek

Yep the very first item on the form and when it submits - always has the same text.
It would the “Item Name” correct.


Hello @PolishedGeek

Any ideas here?


Hi @Rhyno3000 - You should have this field first on your form, which becomes the Item name when someone fills it in: To do — Mozilla Firefox 202...

which we usually rename and label similar to this: (14) Deb - Main Design Boar...

Perhaps you hid the Name field by mistake? Also make it required because otherwise if someone leaves it blank it will default like you described.

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