How to use General Caster to create custom integration?

Here’s a project to check the expiration status of items, so wondering how to use general caster to link the expiry date and the status? In other words, when the expiry date has arrived/passed, the status will automatically update and change to “Expired”.

Hi @audrey0115 I don’t believe you need general caster app for this automation.
You can create a custom automation like the one below.

Where Date 2 is your Expiry Date
and ‘Done’ is your ‘Expired’ status.

Hope that helps!

Hi @timlittletech thanks for replying! However, I’ve tried the above custom automation for several times, the status didn’t show any changes.


interesting, did you have the expiry date set before aug 7 when you posted? also did you check the time of day? automations work on triggers, so if the expiry date was set to a date AFTER the trigger would have found it then the automation won’t work.

I would try doing this for testing to make sure the automation works. 1 min after expiry date arrives (at whatever the next hour is) set status1 to EXPIRED.
Then you should only have to wait a small amount of time to verify the automation works.

Hope that helps

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Thank you so much @timlittletech ! I found it only works when the date is set to a date after the trigger, if I import some old data, it won’t change automatically. Anyway, at least it works for the new data :rofl:

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