Hyperlink in Automation Email

Hi there, I have been very fond of the “Link” column. Great feature! I also love how we can personalize automation emails our to customers based on the different columns located on the board. However, my suggestion would be that when choosing to insert the “Link” in the email automation, to have the formatting be the same as on the Monday board. Currently, when I pull in the “Link” into the email it shows the Text to Display as well as the hyperlink in its entirety. In order to make the automation email cleaner to the customer, I’d like to suggest that the “Text to Display” becomes a hyperlink to the “Website”. I hope what I’m asking makes sense.

This is a great one, thank you for entering it! I agree it would make it much cleaner to just have the display text be a hyper link.

Hi Mike!
Thanks for your email back!
Hope to see this as part of our workflow one day! :raised_hands:t4: