I am wanting to set up an email notification based of a dropdown change without info in each board and item

I am wanting to use data from a board to recognize a change in the dropdown list that would recognize the branch and then send an email with the issue to them. But I do not want the email address on each item or each board as I have multiple in a full manufacturing work flow system I have built that works so good but now its time for next level integrations and automations.

Hey there @PolyBoi
If you are looking to send emails without the email address listed on the board/item then I would recommend taking a look at integromat or zapier.

You can trigger a webhook to fire each time the drop down changes and then handle the rest in integromat - e.g. retrieving the email address of a client, generating the message, etc…

If you are not wanting to use integromat Or zapier you will need to put the email addresses of the folks to email on the board/item

Hope that helps!

Thanks Tim I will give that a go

@timlittletech could I create a board that houses the email addresses against the branch and then use the V-lookup function to add the email?
I am not super savvy with the apps yet but am all over the standard working ins and outs.


hi @PolyBoi

Yes, that should do it. You can have a separate board that contains the branches and email address and pull that email address with with an app like this monday.com: Apps Marketplace

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