I can't upload .png file


I was following the “Uploading a file to monday.com, the hard way” tutorial. The tutorial shows how to upload a .png file.

When I tried it, I get a 500 error. However, if I change the filename to “hello.txt”, I am able to upload. I suspect it has something to do with the filename, as setting the filename to “sample.png” (as was done in the tutorial) got me that error.

Even setting the filename to something bogus like “hello.pdf” worked. It’s only “hello.png” that didn’t work…

Hey @vlchen91 - welcome to the community.

Are you trying to upload a PNG file that you have stored locally, or are you trying to do this by uploading from memory? Normally you would only need to use “the hard way” if you’re trying to do this from memory.